Double J Dog Ranch

A 501c3 Sanctuary and Re-homing Center for Dogs with Special Needs

Bunny - Founder Double J Dog Ranch


If you are interested in adopting one of our special dogs, please send us an email or give us a call, we welcome the opportunity to talk about our dogs! Download our adoption application and complete the form. Please note that we require a fenced yard and you must be at least 25 years of age to adopt a dog from DJDR. Upon approval of your application, we will contact you to set up a meet and greet. The next step is a sleep over and if all goes well, we will complete the adoption process with our adoption agreement. Please keep in mind that we do not do same day adoptions and that we may receive several applications for one dog. In that case, our adoptions board will pick the best match for the dog. We do allow out of state adoptions.

Our adoption donation is $100.00 for a fully vetted dog. This will help the sanctuary cover costs of caring for the dogs. Vetting, feeding, special therapies are just some of the expenses that your donation goes towards. We feel this is a very reasonable fee and of course we are happy to except a larger donation if you so choose. 


Sy - Deaf

This beautiful boy is Sy.  He is a 2 year old, deaf, Australian Shepherd.  He is super smart and would love to have a companion to call his own.  Sy gets along great with everyone, is a player and loves to try and sleep on your lap.  Won't you consider giving this great boy a chance?

Tater Tot - Blind


We call this darling little dumpling Tater Tot.  She just celebrated her first birthday, is a mixed breed dog and blind.  She recently had her right eye enucleated  but can see shapes/shadows, light/dark out of her left.  She gets around great 😁  She also suffers from occasional seizures which are controlled with medication.  Tater gets along with everyone, loves to play with toys and has a medium energy level.

Lulu - Deaf

Meet Lulu, a deaf, 5 year old Aussie, with a personality larger than life!  Lulu is definitely not for the faint at heart, she requires an experienced owner.  She is an alfa female that would prefer to be your one and only.  Wicked smart, loves loves loves tennis balls and being with her person.   No cats or small children.  Lulu will be participating in this years Animal Planet Dog Bowl lll.  Watch her storm the field on Animal Planet channel, February 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. pacific time zone.  Lulu is an awesome dog😍 I love this girl.

Clarence - Deaf and Sight Impaired

Clarence is one big hunk of lovin!  This big boy is a 6 year old, deaf and sight impaired, Aussie/Collie mix.  Although he gets along with other dogs, her prefers to hang out by himself.  He also has a neurological tick which makes him spin in circles a couple of times per day.   This cannot be 'fixed' but rather it is his normal.  Hard not to immediately fall in love with this guy 😍  


The 4 Roy Aussie Rescues



The 4 Roy Aussies have come a long way since arriving at The Ranch.  Kojack and Della, the parents of the Double Merle sisters Lois and Clementine are ready for their new homes.  

 Kojack is a 12 year old Aussie that is looking for someone to offer him the best life has to offer after a life better left behind.  Kojack is the kindest, most lovable senior you could have laying next to your easy chair.  Don't get me wrong, he is still very active and has his best years ahead of him.  He is on medication for hypothyroidism and arthritis daily.   This big guy is truly one of my favorites of all time!

Sweet, sweet Della is a 11 year old Aussie that is also looking to finally find a happily ever after.  She loves playing with tennis balls and enjoys being loved up!  She recently had a mammary tumor removed which proved to be positive for cancer.  The good news for Della is that it is not the type that spreads to other organs.  The tumor was removed with clean margins, however there are no guarantees that the mammary chain could not produce another tumor in the future.  Della is just a doll experiencing for the first time what the good life is and we want to find her a home that will continue to give her the same.

Clementine is coming into her own.  She is still fearful but her personality just keeps shining through.

Nellie - Deaf

This sweet little miss (20#) is 3 year old, deaf, mini Aussie, Nellie.  She is adjusting well to the ranch after her owner passed away.  She has a bit of anxiety and sometimes finds it hard to settle, but as she is getting use to her new surrounding she is doing much better.  She likes to snuggle in your lap, run around outside and play with toys.  Little diamond here!