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Double J Dog Ranch

A 501c3 Sanctuary and Re-homing Center for Dogs with Special Needs

Bunny - Founder Double J Dog Ranch


If you are interested in adopting one of our special dogs, please send us an email or give us a call, we welcome the opportunity to talk about our dogs! Download our adoption application and complete the form. Please note that we require a fenced yard and you must be at least 25 years of age to adopt a dog from DJDR. Upon approval of your application, we will contact you to set up a meet and greet. The next step is a sleep over and if all goes well, we will complete the adoption process with our adoption agreement. Please keep in mind that we do not do same day adoptions and that we may receive several applications for one dog. In that case, our adoptions board will pick the best match for the dog. We do allow out of state adoptions.

Our adoption donation is $200.00 for a fully vetted dog. This will help the sanctuary cover costs of caring for the dogs. Vetting, feeding, special therapies are just some of the expenses that your donation goes towards. We feel this is a very reasonable fee and of course we are happy to except a larger donation if you so choose. 


Scarlet - Luxating Patellas

We call this spitfire Miss Scarlet.  She is a 2 year old, 100% Border Collie and would love to prove it to you BC fans!  Scarlet was born with luxating patellas that cannot be surgically corrected.  Look at that face, can you tell that this condition does not slow her down one bit?  She may experience early onset arthritis but in the meantime she wants to be a high energy BC and has a very high drive to work.  Scarlet would thrive in a home that understands this drive and would perhaps give her the opportunity to herd or do agility.  Smart as a whip this one...

Clancy - Deaf

This boy!  Clancy is a  7 month old Catahoula pup that is not only beautiful but very smart.  He is med-high energy and loves to play with the pack!  Clancy is deaf, outgoing and learning hand signals.  He is going to be med/large in size and would love to find a family to call his own.  Such a sweetheart... 

Gentry - Deaf

 Take a look at this beauty!  Gentry is a 7 month old Catahoula, sibling to Clancy.  He is super smart, high energy and always ready to play.  And does this boy have a great smile!    Gets along well with others and is looking for a job.  Gentry is also learning basic hand signals and is catching on quickly!  

Charla - Hearing Impaired

Miss Charla is so stinking cute!  She is a 1 year old, Border Collie/Aussie mix that is hearing and sight impaired.  Charla is full of personality, her favorite thing to do is play BC chase around the ranch with Scarlet.  After a long day of play,  she is a little snuggle bug...  UPDATE:  Charla is now having occasional seizures, being controlled by medication.  

Capone - Deaf

Meet Capone, he is a deaf, 4 month old, mixed breed puppy (Lab/Aussie?) looking for a family to call his own.  He is a big, chuffy  bundle of loving with the cutest little short legs!  He is super sweet, ready to play and make you smile.  

Stella - Blind & Deaf

This is our beautiful blind and deaf, Aussie mix, Stella.  She is 7 months old, learning touch signals and is actually softer than a bunny!  Stella is well socialized, loves people and animals alike.   Lovable, Lovable girl...